TacDev is your source for military software development, especially focused on military aviation, simulation and training concepts.

TacDev was founded by an active duty air combat instructor with over 1500h in multi-role combat aircraft that served almost 20 years in the military and has over 20 years of software development experience. TacDev understands the military and its requirements.

TacDev develops software like the military works: Efficient, precise, on time and on target. Little bureaucracy and a low development overhead keep the costs low. TacDev uses an agile development process, so you can see the software being developed and actively shape the end state to your requirements.

Software developed by TacDev speaks for itself. Our developers are committed to provide virtually bug free software to the end-user. But they are not stopping there. The resulting source code is modularized, reusable, commented and always kept as simple as possible. This means changes are easy to implement and fast to do.